Dec 31, 2021

Every new year brings people joy and excitement. We wish each other peace and prosperity. We look forward to new beginnings because that’s what new year is about. It gives us a fresh start, a new chance to live life with vigor and positivity. A chance to improve our lives. It’s supposed to bring us hope. Hope that things will be better.

In 23 hours we are about to step into the unknown world of 2022 hoping it’ll be a million times better and happier than before.

Instead of the traditional New Year greetings of peace and prosperity, humanity wishes one another safety and good health.

We cling to HOPE with our strong faith. As frightening as the pandemic has been, we cannot lose hope that we will all come out of this pandemic alive, smiling.

May peace, kindness, respect, gratefulness, reign over this earth.

A blessed New Year to all.

Love from our family,

Edmund, Annie, Nyke, Oyen and Derrick

Edmund, Nyke, Annie


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