Baked goodies from Bessie

OMB reader Bessie Yap-Sarmiento spent her morning today baking chocolate brownie pecan cookies, pumpkin butter bread, etc. specially for me.

Bessie and her saintly husband Allen (according to her)  live in Sta. Clara.   They both work at night (graveyard shift) and I could just imagine  she had to wake up so early today to bake all these for me.

She is very thoughtful and kind.

Baked goodies from ohmybuhay reader Bessie

Ang dami,   para akong nag-shopping.

Choco chip cookies from Bessie

She said I didn’t have to buy Mrs. Fields’ oatmeal cookies anymore.
oatmeal cookies from Bessie

Butternut Squash Harvest Loaf
Butternut Squash Harvest Loaf

Maraming salamat Bessie.  From the bottom of OMB’s heart.



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4 thoughts on “Baked goodies from Bessie

  1. Dear Annie,
    You are very welcome! Thank you too for meeting us kahit super busy ka. I am so happy to finally see you because you inspire me so much! You’re so nice, soft spoken and so funny.

    1. cont. I can see and feel your good heart.
      “saintly husband Allen” hehehe!!
      Please take care and best regards to your entire family!

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