Hainanese Chicken Rice

Some Malaysians claim that the steamed white chicken dish came from Kuala Lumpur. But the name alone says it’s from Hainan province of China.

Hainanese Chicken Rice is Singapore’s national dish. It can be found in practically all local restaurants in Singapore. The dish was brought to Singapore by Hainan immigrants which they called wenchang chicken. The cooking and preparation method was the same and through the years some variations were added but it’s basicslly the same dish.

I can eat Hainan chicken for several days straight without getting sawa. When in Hongkong, we go to the same small eatery serving this dish almost daily. When in California, we buy white chicken from the Chinese fast food weekly. When dining in Chinese restaurants anywhere in the world, we look for this familiar dish in the menu. Edmund and I discovered a small restaurant tucked away inside a commercial and office building just off Champs Elysee and ate there three times in a row. In Manila, I order from Instagram advertisers but I have no suki. The first time I ordered from one seller was perfect. The second time, when the food tray was delivered by a rider, the slices of chicken were in disarray. Do you think the rider made tikim and ate some? Must be so tempting.



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